Baron Cairo

Cairo hails from a litter of blink dogs acquired by Sir Cort von Wrathis in circumstances that remain unclear. Known for being the sneakiest of the litter and appearing behind his foes without warning, Cairo fights under the banner of No Quarter!

Out of character Baron Cairo has served the community in many ways to include: Three terms of BOD service, service as land marshal; service as coin marshal; consistent weapon marshaling, eldering events, giving new player speeches and committee participation; and returning countless lost & found items, thereby honing his fetching skills.

The special skills of Baron Cairo include being an overall sneaky pup: Flanking, sneak-attacking, general rogue skill set.

Baron Cairo holds the following awards: Order of the Sword, Order of the Gryphon, Order of the Stag, Order of the Mask (Assassin, 2017; Rogue, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022), Order of the Crown, Order of the Swan (x2)