February 27, 2024

Event Schedule

Below is the 2024 event schedule for Darkon Crownlands.

Unless otherwise stated on event page, check-in is from 12-1pm. Day events typically run until 4-5pm. For more event details visit event pages at: 


Senate is now held online, on the second Saturday of every other month at noon on the Darkon Discord. In addition, we will also hold an Election Senate in May.

Dec 17, 2023Merritt Point Park Capture the Flag
Dec 31, 2023Merritt Point ParkDay of Wrong/Kick the Can
Jan 14, 2024Lake NeedwoodTBD
Jan 28, 2024Merritt Point Park TBD
Feb 10, 2024Darkon DiscordOnline Senate CANCELED
Feb 11, 2024Lake NeedwoodTBD
Feb 25, 2024Lake NeedwoodTBD
Mar 10, 2024 Old McViker FieldsTBD
Mar 24, 2024Layhill Park Spot #5 Spring Commoner’s Tourney
Apr 7, 2024Layhill Park Spot #5TBD
Apr 13, 2024Darkon DiscordOnline Senate
Apr 21, 2024Layhill Park Spot #5 Team Tourney
May 1-5, 2024Mountain Run WineryBellum 12
May 11, 2024Darkon DiscordOnline Senate – ELECTIONS
May 19, 2024Layhill Park Spot #5 Spring Noble Tourney
June 2, 2024Layhill park spot #5 TBD
June 8, 2024Darkon DiscordOnline Senate
June 16, 2024Layhill Park Spot #5 TBD
June 28-30, 2024Mountain Run Winery Campout
July 14, 2024Layhill Park Spot #5TBD
July 28, 2024Layhill Park Spot #5TBD
Aug 10, 2024Darkon DiscordOnline Senate
Aug 11, 2024Layhill Park Spot #5 TBD
Aug 23-25, 2024Mountain Run WineryCampout
Sept 8, 2024Layhill Park Spot #5Fall Commoner’s Tourney
Sept 22, 2024Layhill park spot #5 Fall Noble Tourney
Oct 6, 2024Layhill park spot #5 TBD
Oct 12, 2024Darkon Discord Online Senate
Oct 18-20, 2024Camp WestmarDarkon Feast
Nov 3, 2024Old McViker FieldsTBD
Nov 17, 2024Layhill park spot #5 TBD
Dec 1, 2024Merritt Point ParkTBD
Dec 14, 2024Darkon DiscordOnline Senate
Dec 15, 2024Merritt Point ParkTBD
Dec 29, 2023Merritt Point ParkTBD