Darkonian Jugger Expo Results

Today marked the end of the Darkonian Jugger Expo.

The unstoppable Deathmachine faced off against the green hellions of Spyder Gitz. Flesh was torn and bones were crushed as both sides fought tooth and nail for the right to claim the skull.

The prisoners of war from Spyder Gitz bested many members of Deathmachine but, didn’t understand the rules of the game. Twice line judges had to usher the orks back into the arena when they attempted to walk off with the skull. On the other hand, a blow to the head of the Deathmachine captain sent him into a berserker rage. The young knight tossed his weapons aside and proceeded to repeatedly body slam one of the poor orks.

In the end it was Deathmachine who won the day with a score of five to nothing. Unfortunately, it took some time to explain to Spyder Gitz that they didn’t win the match. One of the orks capable of speech was heard saying; “But two is greater than one!”

The Shadow Scales and the Juggernauts were also scheduled to play today; in their execution match. However, when the Juggernauts proudly stepped into the arena to fight for their lives they found the arena empty. The Shadow Scales did not show. The Juggernauts planted the skull on the opposing teams steak and took their leave.

A missive has been sent to Emperor Whisper regarding Shadow Scales absence.