The Boxes


“These look fine,” Loki commented as he looked over the table where chests and locks were being worked on by some dwarven locksmiths. Thor stood a few paces behind him, arms folded and shaking his head.

The dwarves tried to ignore him and tried to ignore that he always came and made the same shallow compliments. They took pride in their craft, but gods can be hard to please.

“Everything will be ready,” a dwarf reported. He was wearing some strange magnifying glass attached to his head and was tinkering with a rugged-looking lock. “Dwarven magic on locks … very hard to crack.”

“I do not know why these boxes are bothered with,” Thor said with a disapproving grimace.

“STEEL has decided the game before.”

“Yes,” Loki agreed gently. “Steel HAS decided the game before.”

Then he picked up a closed lock in his hands and it suddenly popped open. A nearby dwarf scowled and turned away.

“And so have thieves.”


THE RINGS GAME is this year’s Bellum Aeternus III Adventure, to take place Thursday night and all day Friday of BeAe III.