FoxGlove by Alynna Lunaris

Well I guess I can relate a bit. My name is FoxGlove. I know nothing of my birth or parents. I grew up with a small tribe of Picts in a great forest, they raised me as their own and I consider myself a member of the Pict tribe of the Wolf. I was raised and trained as a hunter, I was taught to track, shoot, and fight when the need arises. While on an extended hunting trip one spring, I bedded down after nightfall. I had been traveling all day and was exhausted, and did not pay close enough attention to my camp. I ended up falling asleep within a faerie ring. When I awoke I was in a strange place, the land itself exuded poison and decay. I began to explore and came apon a ranger and knight sharing stories over a camp fire. They invited me to join them, and explained that we were in the lands of Nurgle. After some time of story telling and sharing of drink, knowing i was separated from my home with no way back, they asked me to join their tribe. So here I am, nearly a year has passed as I continue to prove my worth to my new tribe.