Occultus Vates by Jude Thaddeus

The story of Occultus Vates, ranger of the realm…

He doesn’t remember much of his youth… Well, he’s still in his youth, actually… But that’s another discussion. Occultus knows little of his origins. He was found by members of North Company of Ched Nasad, in a swamp, destitute and living in filth. He was merely a child, and could not speak well, but he had somehow fashioned his own, albeit terribly sewn and ragged, clothing. And there was a spark in his eye for fighting. “THIS IS MY SWAMP”, he shouted at them and ran at them with a club. It did not end well as the child was outnumbered 5-1 by men in plate armor.

They took pity on him and took him home. He learned to fight and took part in many battles with Ched Nasad. Nyx Noquar (Caitlin Noel) and Dame Niko (Trish Bachman) taught him to count and spell (sorta…), while others taught him to hunt and kill. When his Brothers left for The Empyrean, he went with them, where he took place in many other battles and insulted many enemies. When the end times came and everybody flew to the wind, Occultus wandered the realm, looking for pretty ladies that he could impress. He found none. So he went and watched the orks of Waaaaagh (and Harrumph before that) to learn more about stabbing and bashing and killing. (It was very educational, but it might’ve stunted his emotional growth and his literacy.) He eventually wandered back to civilization and was “caught” by Doctor Squirrel and handed over to Sir Bendore Dubh of Dai-Dagan who reunited him with Brother Iltztafein and other friends of his. Now he simply is… Here. In the realm of Darkon. Doing stuff. And things. He’ll fight for money. Or just because it’s fun. And for Dame Niko, his noble hero.

Just remember that he is a child, and if you say something to him, he’ll probably take it literally… This could have good or bad results.

(He also shot his left eye out with a holy, poisoned, enchanted crossbow bolt. It will not heal.)