Asaheim Land Search Feb. 23rd 2014

Ravenna had led us into new territory. Her earlier scouting mission allowed us the knowledge that this new land was without vegetation or settlement, but was the home of some thieves. As we entered the clearing, even though the ground was barren rocky soil there was  a small campfire nestled in the center, sitting there were four humans. Two of these had shield and sword, while the other two were archers. As we approached, they stood up, looked us up and down, and spread out to attack. The Brigands did not wish to speak, and the Archers were ready with arrows nocked and drawn. The look of desperation on their faces was evident. They wanted our gold, our gear, and our lives. We were left with no recourse.

One brigand began to move to the far left of our group, clearly he was the leader of this ragtag group of thieves. He was my prime target. I drew back my bow Silent Death, and let the Arrow of Piercing fly! The brigand thrust his shield up to block an arrow fired by Gor, shortly followed by the Piercing arrow, His smug look of superiority turned to horror as the second arrow drove through his shield and out the back of his leather armor. The Warhounds were on the hunt, and quickly closed on the second brigand, causing the archers to scatter. As I moved forward, I heard the whistle of an incoming arrow aimed for my chest. I stopped my forward movement and the arrow sailed harmlessly in front of me. The archers had locked their sights on me. Vekin saw his opportunity and charged them.  Vekin gobbled that one up in mothers fire. The other saw her companion’s swift death and began to flee. The next thing she saw was Nidhog tear her apart. When I turned to fire my next shot, there were no targets. The Wolves of Asaheim had completed the mission into this new land. We had won, and were able to expand our holdings.