Kings Crossing II or for Warboss Gutzmangl: Gitz go BOOOM!


The funds that arrived successfully to King’s Crossing went to purchase smoke powder. A fine purchase indeed! Now the Defenders of King’s Crossing have a Alchemist’s Fireball…. but the wagon has broken down on it’s way, and the brigands know it. The knights are moving from the Fort and the Brigand’s are moving from their tower… Who will get the Fireball first? Who can successfully detonate it at the opponent’s keep? It’s up to YOU!

Two Teams with a twist. Between each team is a large bomb. Must be carried by 4 people. The object is to get the bomb and advance it to the enemy’s keep, blasting a hole in the wall and killing all the occupants inside.  The bomb itself can be detonated by a shield breaking weapon or 2 direct hits from fireballs or lightning.  Relics may have additional effects!