A necromantic picnic in the field…

It was warm, the sun had returned to the realm, though most things were still dead. Other things had become undead, sort-of. Two necromancers arrived at the scene of our battle, and used their unholy powers to raise vast armies of Darkonians to fight for them.

I arrived at the field of battle and informed Ched Nasad that I was there as the emissary to Queen Niko. I had completely made this up, but as I am her favorite, I don’t think anybody will care. They accepted my fake orders and let me hang around and inspect their newest members. Before I could finish poking and prodding them with my sword, the first battle began.

I ran right with my crossbow to attack the enemy. As I was running, I watched a man from Norther Kingdoms named Zero die – nothing even hit him, so I suppose he must have died of fear. That poor man!

I found the enemy in front of me soon after and fired a crossbow bolt at a man from Minathalan and killed him. He had a spear and was wearing a long coat. A long, bloody coat now!

After watching that man die, I spotted some people I knew to be decent fighters off to the left, so I ran quickly behind them to reload my crossbow. Hiding behind them, we strafed right slowly… Very slowly. I popped around to the right of them and shot Sir Havoc of Blackwatch right in a tender area. I watched him die slowly before my eyes (well my right eye anyway, because the left one doesn’t work very well!) and continued on. I realized that I was out of crossbow bolts, so I threw my bow to the ground (not too roughly though, because I am in love with it and it deserves a gentle, nurturing touch!) and pulled out the silver sword I borrowed from Brother Iltztafein and the dagger Brother Nyx has lends out long term to several people. I ran at two enemies, striking quickly, but my memory is very fuzzy after that!

I remember waking up soon after that to a very large man from the team of Chickenbone (that was the side I started on, I think!). Back up and into the fray! I saw others being raised into the army of Chickenbone, including former enemies. This was confusing, but I did my best to kill the right people and not the wrong people, though maybe everybody was the right person?

I fought hard when I had to, and shot true when I had ammunition to do so. At one point, I managed to sneak up on the enemy army and their necromancer and shoot him square in the chest. He simply stared at me. That was very scary. He basically laughed at a point blank shot with a highly deadly piercing weapon… And he had no armor covering that area!

Throughout the day, many people died. Many people were revived. The battle raged through three grueling, long rounds of confusion, but was ultimately a lot of fun, even though necromancers are dirty and evil people/things. The ground went from a dull, dead brown to a brilliant red before the day was done.

As an afterthought, I captured an orc through some creative use of poison and good shooting. The fighting school of Bard paid handsomely for this orc. I recommend doing business with him if you’ve got any slaves to sell. The orc will be forced to fight in 10 battles for the amusement of the realm. (Bard does not like them to be poisoned though, as I found out…)
(Written by Occultus Vates and translated to proper Darkonian common language by The Amazing Ilztafein del Dubh)