Only four – by Yak Iam


“Well,” Odin sighed as he leaned back on his throne. “Only four of their countries have declared to support you.”

“I have won with fewer,” Thrym growled as he took a large gulp from his horn.

The mists closed back over the table between them.

“This Ched Nasad,” Thrym said with a scowl. “They offend me.”

The All-Father sat expressionless.

“I invoke my right of *hefnd* on them,” the giant coldly stated and leaned back. “Do you deny me.”

Odin thought for a second.

“This is your right. And I owe them no allegiances outside the game,” he scratched his beard. “I will not deny you *hefnd*.”

Thrym nodded. “They will regret this. This WILL dog them.”

“From what I can tell,” the one-eyed god commented. “They do not really regret anything … ever.”

Thrym stood quickly and passed his horn to one of his nearby servants.

“I will see you again when the day has come,” he announced and turned to leave. His two servants picked up his throne with a grunt and followed after.

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