The Squiggoth and the Boulder – by Warboss Gutzmangul


In order to keep the enormous boulder from being used by an overenthusiastic underling,Warboss Gutzmangul saw to it that it was fed to the largest Squiggoth his runt herds had ever bred. Gutzmangul curiously wondered what would happen when it came time for the Squiggoth to pass that stone. He grinned at the thought.

But there were more pressing matters.

“So ‘oo else iz on Big Boss Frym’s side?”

Grum, the ork loota and scout stepped forward.

“Dere wuz two uvvers wot got magick roks, boss. Dere’s da wunz dat used to be silly…”

“Wut? ‘Oo?”

“You know, Dem Ex-silly-uns.”

“Oh yeah, dem purple gitz wiv da shields and da shiny faces.”

“Den dem drow gitz got one.”

“Oh good zog… Chosen Blood an’ da Silly-uns. Dat’s it!?”

Grum nodded and then went back to staring idly at his collection of shiny things and occasionally clubbing grots that wandered too close. Warboss Gutzmangul didn’t seem phased.

“Eh… we dun stupider stuff with less afore… Whateva! GET DA BOYZ! WAAAGH FER FRYM AN DA BIG ROK! GOOD OL’ ROK! DAT BEATZ EVERYFING!”