The Invitation

Be it known by one and all that a kind hand reaches out to you from across the Silk Road!

Be it known that for reasons of friendship and, of course, trade, you are welcome to my home!

Be it known that in the lands of Serica, there is no place more splendid than the brass city of Maj Duhl!

Be it known you are hereby invited to enjoy the pleasures of Maj Duhl as my guests!

A Feast In Your Honor will be held at dusk in thirty and three suns’ time. You may bring all envoys, ambassadors, merchants, traders and bodyguards as you wish.

Maj Duhl is a peaceful city and the most beautiful site in all of Serica. More importantly, it is the center of trade in these lands you call “new”. I look forward to us being friends as new things become old!

Yours In Peace,

Judu Gara