Everything You Need To Know About Sand, Silk & Steel!

This campout adventure will be something new. Our goal is complete immersion. You will be able to do many things as individuals and as countries, and there will be no out of character context for goals, scoring, or objectives. Prizes for this event are almost entirely real physical items, and will be awarded based on a system that players will not be able to clearly decipher.

So, in short: Do what thou wilt, and do it well.

Campout Rules & Info

-There will be over 25 NPCs in play during the adventure who will be fiercely in character. Avoid talking to them out of character or asking rules questions. There will be multiple Elders available to answer any rules questions you may have. These Elders will all be wearing white Elder tunics.

-There will be a Feast on Friday. Bring a period plate or bowl, drinking vessel and utensils.

-All items, props or tokens that come from NPCs are for you only. Several currency trinkets and adornments will be awarded throughout the event. They are NO TRADE/ NO LOOT. You may not pass these to other players, nor can they be taken from you. When you receive one of these items you will be reminded that it is no loot/ no trade! Save these until the end of the event, where you may be required to present them for accounting.

-There will be many decorative props on display and they are personal property. Touch nothing unless an NPC instructs you to.

-There will be some non-combat NPCs, respect them. They will be at stationary locations and impossible to mistake.

-Bring nothing into the Maj Duhl area that is modern, including chairs, beverage bottles, etc…

-Jadu Gara, The Merchant Prince of Maj Duhl, is nigh omnipotent. Do not incur his wrath!

-The castle area and the campsites to either side of it are strictly reserved for NK and NPC set up. Be sure you have a decent fighting area near your camp and do not block any of the paths.

-Each country will be able to field one “monster” per our approval, but these will be reasonably powered creatures. All monsters must be presented Friday for approval. All monster info must be written on a 3″x 5″ card that you can keep with you. You must clearly wear a mark of your country and/or whenever anyone asks you what country you represent you must answer OOC truthfully. Monsters will be playing in the adventure just as players. We reserve the right to adjust monsters that are too powerful or deny them for any reason. Feel free to contact us before the event if you want to assure your monster’s compatibility before putting alot of effort into it! Your monster must be presented at the Feast on Friday. Late entrants will not be allowed.

-If you die on Friday, you must seek the blessing of the Goddesses of The Afterworld. As it has been prophecied that much blood will be spilled at this gathering, the Goddesses will make themselves known. Find them and you may return to life.

-On Saturday the Ladies of Death will have made a permanent residence near Maj Duhl. The Hades Oasis is a realm that lies between the land of the living and the life after. When you are killed you must go there. The Hades Oasis will be an interactive part of the event and not a simple time sink. The maximum wait time will be six minutes. There will be means to leave sooner, and things to do while you are there. You may even have reasons to go there!

-There are 3 important times that you must mind- they are also listed in the schedule below. 8 pm Friday you must have your Monster ready for approval in Maj Duhl. 11 pm Friday your country leader or spokesperson will be called upon in the City to make an important decision. 8 pm Saturday everyone must gather again at the city for prizes. IF YOU MISS ANY OF THESE TIMES YOU OR YOUR COUNTRY WILL SURELY MISS OUT ON GOOD THINGS!

-Yes, there are alot more “rules” to this event. You will discover them as things unfold.

Schedule of Events

8 pm Friday – Jadu Gara welcomes all to Maj Duhl with a great Feast! There will be formal introductions, casino games and fighting match spectacles! You will meet the people of Maj Duhl and the powerful Serican factions- House diProspero, The Crimson Lotus Clan, and The Reavers! Stay away from Maj Duhl until this time. Jadu’s Courier will gather you and guide you on the last stretch of the Silk Road that leads into the city.

11 pm Friday – A leader or representative of each country will be called upon to make an important decision. If no one is available to do this for your country, there may be repercussions. Do not miss this.

12 Midnight Friday – The festivities will draw to a close.

12 Noon Saturday – Check in.

1:30 pm Saturday – Adventure resumes and rages all afternoon.

5:00 pm – Break for dinner. Everything will be out of character during this time.

6:00 pm – Adventure resumes.

8:00 pm – A great gathering will occur in Maj Duhl. Prizes, festivities and pitfights will ensue! Everyone is encouraged to be present as some of you will be rewarded for your efforts!

Prizes and Goals

We are giving out a dozen or so prizes, most of them will be real gear with special abilities/ effects. It will not be possible for a single country to win everything, but if you try really hard you could win alot of them.

You are guests in Maj Duhl of the Merchant Prince Jadu Gara. Three warring merchant clans have also been invited, to compete with one another for Jadu’s favor. From a perspective of achieving goals, you will gain the most by aiding one of the clans and by assisting Jadu and the other denizens of Maj Duhl.

Here are some hints as to what prizes may be awarded.

– Individuals and Countries may win prizes by supporting one of the 3 Merchant Guild Factions. Ignoring the factions or being hostile to all of the factions and/or the citizens of Maj Duhl will limit what you can win, as many prizes come specifically from these entities.

– Individuals may also win prizes by interacting with the citizens of Maj Duhl. We have provided alot to do for small groups and lone adventurers.

-One country will win a prize for best period camp.

– One individual will win a prize for best garb/ costume/ look the part. Dressing to match the flavor of the event will give you an edge.

– One individual will win a prize for best roleplay.

– One individual will win a prize for best fighting. This may be a grueling test.

– One monster will win a prize for being the best played, most impressive of its kind.

To say anything more would be a spoiler. These are not the only ways to win prizes, nor are they all the things for which we are awarding prizes. We will not be announcing what any of the prizes are until Saturday night, although it is possible you may see some of them in play during the adventure!

Hints & Tips

– Friday is going to be super busy. There will be alot going on- alot of plans being made, and alot of distractions. You will have a significant advantage by playing through all of Friday night.

– Saturday is going to feature a tonĀ of combat. Many players will be trying to accomplish goals in the midst of unrelenting battle. There will be way too much going on to do everything, so make wise choices with how you spend your time. We are using the entire park but will place drinking water at key points and will be able to moderate the pace of things.

– To be clear, there are 3 competing factions that Jadu Gara has invited to his city. Jadu and the other residents of Maj Duhl belong to no faction, although they will certainly engage with you.

– Small countries will have a fair shot at things, and super teams won’t necessarily get you the big prize. Goals and prizes that come from the factions are given per faction, so the bigger your “team” is the more competitors you will have in some regards. Also, many prizes are being awarded on an individual basis.

– Countries will thrive by supporting and even joining one of the 3 factions, but choose carefully as enemies are easily made in Serica

– Individuals can support and join a faction too, but also have the option to do things with the other NPCs of Maj Duhl.

– The factions hate each other, and your enemy factions will hate you too. Some might even hate you already.

– All 3 factions are on good terms with Jadu and Maj Duhl – he did invite them here as guests after all, and they all want his contract!

– Last but not least, the ability Disguise is going to get you far in this adventure. You have seen the film, so you even know what all the Sericans look like.