Get Tickets for Darkon’s Annual Feast and the Cthulu Games Campout Adventure October 21-23 of 2022!

Read on to learn about this exciting event and to purchase tickets over paypal!

In lands far to the West comes an invitation, heroes are called forth to attend a special series of games…The Cthulu Games.

Inspired by the TV series Squid Games, Darkon Crownlands is hosting their annual feast weekend with…. the CTHULU GAMES! Featuring exciting but deadly battle games, things kick off on Friday evening with a special welcome party hosted by an eccentric and sinister host that is truly someone to “behold”.

So hurry hurry hurry!

Test your skill over the weekend- in a series of battle games and other games of chance- and win prizes!

Savor- a superb catered feast Saturday evening, and other delights over the weekend, with a prize for the best dressed feast table and crew!

Imbibe- at the evening tavern of wonders- stocked with delightful draughts for those of age who purchased feast tickets!

Celebrate- your peers Saturday evening, as special awards and orders will be bestowed to those who have earned recognition for their efforts in service to the club and community.

Relax in comfort- your choice of tent camping or cabins (while available) is included with the cost of admission. Fire pits pre-stocked for your enjoyment with wood! This site also features running water and places to charge devices, plug in your morning coffee makers, etc.

Pitfights! Pageantry! And so much more!

This will be a feast all can find something to take enjoyment in at a site that has running water and cabin camping if you don’t want to rough it in a tent (though you totally can if you want).

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to enjoy this great weekend, that is a crowd favorite and homecoming event for all of Darkon!

Ticket information:

Feast ticket prices come in at the super reasonable price of $35, This will be the only ticket you need for the weekend (I.E. this is your general admission, overnight camping, access to great amenities, plus feast, and extras!)- Feast tickets will no longer be available after October 10th so get them while you can.

If you are interested in only experiencing the event and camping out (this will not include the amazing feast or access to extra Tavern freebies the cost of an event only ticket is just $10. These can also be purchased via the Paypal link below.

Start/End times: Folks are welcome to come to site as early as noon on Friday, and must depart by noon on Sunday

The Darkon Wargaming Club hopes to see you there!

Visit the event’s facebook page for all the latest news:

Important: Tent camping is cool, but if you are planning to stay in a cabin be sure to talk to a Cabin Master to reserve a space (at no added cost, just first come first serve)- otherwise be prepared to tent camp. Cabin Masters will be announced on the facebook event page soon.

Darkon Feast 2022
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