The Club Awards Archive

Darkon is a game organized for the community, and by the community. Every year we gather at our annual feast to recognize our players to have given to the club in great ways.

From the gifted artisans that craft fine gear, to photographers that capture our events, to volunteer medical staff and hydration bringers, to leaders that plan and organize events, to the role players and combatants that improve their technique and skills…. we thank you all.

You can learn more about all of the awards available to club members by consulting the rule book! The highest honors of the club are recognized with the patches sewn onto the belt flag above, and each one represents something special.

Below you will find a link to an archive of our records where we pay tribute to our servants of the realm. Seek out those who appear in these pages, learn from them, and someday we hope to recognize you before the realm.

Hail Darkon!

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