The Day of Wrong! 12/22/19

During the last Darkon Day Event of the year, it is a long standing tradition that fighters may take to the field in not medieval fantasy garb, but whatever they desire!

Dress like a Super Hero, Jedi, rock star, or whatever your heart desires on this day of free for all fun! So long as the costume is safe and appropriate to be on the field in what is a public park you have a green light to go wild!

There will be prizes for the best individual and best group costume- so more incentive to get in on the fun!

In addition to this fun, the country of Minathalon will be hosting a White Elephant gift exchange- to participate devise and bring a gag gift valued at under $10.00.

In closing, on December 22nd in Burtonsville, dress your best, and join us for fun at the last Darkon event in 2019!!!

(Cover Photo by Elonora’s Photography)

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