February 26, 2024

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*Photo by Eleonora’s Photography*

After you have chosen a class to play here in Darkon: Crownlands, you may find that you have access to a variety of different spells or abilities. Each class has its own advantages and drawbacks.

While spellcasting classes often have serious drawbacks, like limitations on weapon or armor usage, you do get access to spells that nobody else has. Each class has its own set of spells that unlock as you level up your character.

There are eight different spellcasting classes that you can play at Darkon Crownlands. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to find the class that best suits the way that you want to play.

Spells at Crownlands are counted by syllable. While many spells might be lengthy when you first unlock them, they get shorter over time. When you have reached twice the level you were when unlocking a spell, it’s length is reduced to 50%. This means that at 20th level, a 1000 syllable spell unlocked at 10th level has been reduced to 500 words.

Spells are specific to each player and the character that they have built. You might speak to your god, or let your personality shine through. We recommend trying to rhyme your lines since they are easier to speak quickly than clunky phrases.

You can check out an example of a spellbook for each class in Darkon below.

Warrior Mage

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