Bard Spellbook

Bards are skalds, minstrels, musicians, and storytellers who bolster other players with their songs and oratory. Bards may use any
non-Black weapon under 6’ in length, may wear armor of no greater than AC 2 and may use a shield of no more than 24” at its
widest point.

Bards augment players with their Bardic Song which may consist of singing, played music or oratory. Music and singing may not rely on modern devices or be delivered in a way to agitate players or disrupt gameplay. If oratory is used it must be approved by an elder as being in character and consistent with good roleplay.

Level 1 Bard Spells

Light: 30 syllables

It’s dark outside
Too dark to see
I hope a Grue
Does not eat me (Recite twice)

Detect Magic: 30 syllables

Magic has a certain sound
A ringing bell above the ground
Not quite mellow, not quite shrill (Recite twice)

Level 2 Bard Spells


75 syllables

Lies aren’t easy to keep from me
Look me in the eyes and you shall see
I can hear your heart beating and see your pulse
So unless you are truthful you’ll soon be a corpse (Recite twice)

Level 3 Bard Spells

Comprehend Languages: 75 words

There in front of me is a script
With letters and words that are torn from a crypt
They’re easy to read once you know what you see
All you have to do is translate from one to three (Recite three times)

Detect Traps: 100 syllables

There’s a trap, a ruse, a trick
A clever ploy to make it stick
I know that it’s here
No it won’t hide from me (Recite three times)

Level 4 Bard Spells

Word of Holding: 150 syllables

When you try to charge me down
I call a word to hold your feet to the ground
It sticks you in place and makes moving real hard
And thanks to my god won’t let you blowhard
You’ll stay right there
Til I say you can go
Huff and puff all you want
You’ll see that it’s only for show (Repeat three times)

Level 5 Bard Spells

Bardskin: 250 syllables

I’ve walked through nature
for many a year
My Gods all know
that i’m still here

Now I need armor
And it’s quite true
That without it
I could die to you

Gods hear me now
Please heed my plea
Send me armor strong and true
Armor I know, comes from you (Recite five times)

Level 6 Bard Spells

Release Portal: 100 syllables

You tried to lock away your riches
But weren’t thinking of me and my magical fixes
A few words spoken, some finger wiggles
And that door opens no need to solve riddles (Recite three times)

Level 7 Bard Spells

Legend Lore: 300 syllables

Inside this stump I hear a voice
It tells of the times of choice
Of what came earlier when I didn’t yet seek
What the tree saw, what the forest thinks
An item or artifact here in my hand
Will know tell me it’s secrets, or those of the land (Recite five times)

Cure Disease: 150 syllables

Now you lay before me
Pleading for my aid
You have leprosy
But you want to keep your leg

I speak to Nurgle quickly
Tell him to release his hold
Else you’ll get quite sickly
Never to grow old (Recite four times)

Level 8 Bard Spells

There are no spells at this level

Level 9 Bard Spells

Vicious Mockery: 100 syllables

Did you know that as you stand
I call you names that if mom heard would get me banned
You’re small and strange and mean and icky
If you were ice cream you’d be all sticky
You are not fun you are not tall
And when you run I hope you fall (Recite twice)

Dispel Magic: 175 syllables

You think you’ll fry me
Think that I’ll die
But you don’t see what’s happening
Or why I won’t cry
My gods have bestowed me
A gift that’s quite great
One that allows me
To truly negate (Recite five times)

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