Druid Spellbook

Druids are characters who worship nature above all else. The weapons that are permitted for use by Druids are all white weapons, bars, clubs, bows, crossbows, quarterstaffs, spears, glaives, javelins, and daggers. Druids are restricted to wearing armor made only from leather, whether Leather or Leather Scale from AC 1, or Hide from AC 2; or padded armor (cloth).

Druids may use any shape shield, so long as the largest dimension does not exceed 36”. Druids must wear a nature symbol to signify their character type.

Level 1 Druid Spells

Light: 30 syllables

It’s dark outside
Too dark to see
I hope a Grue
Does not eat me (Recite twice)

Feign Death: 30 syllables

No I’m not dead
And soon you’ll see
When life runs away
From you to me (Recite twice)

Level 2 Druid Spells

Detect Traps: 100 syllables

There’s a trap, a ruse, a trick
A clever ploy to make it stick
I know that it’s here
No it won’t hide from me (Recite three times)

Mending: 100 syllables

I bend and I weave
No longer does your shield
Resemble a sieve
I pound and I bend
So that you may defend (Recite three times)

Level 3 Druid Spells

Cure Light Wounds: 300 syllables

Your arm is bleeding
and covered in gore
Truth of the matter
is that I can’t see much more

First clean with cool water
Straight from that clear stream
Now a strip of bark from that tree
Quickly hand it over to me
We wrap it tight
Around that limb
And pray infection does not cling

So now you’re done
Go ahead you’re free
Please don’t come back for services from me (Recite four times)

Protection from Lightning: 225 syllables

The wind is blowing
I know I can’t hide
I just hope the lightning
Doesn’t fry my hide

There’s lightning heavy in the air
The wind is blowing through my hair
I can hear the storm moving on in
If I’m to survive I’ll have to win

So I call on dark gods
The lost and forgotten
Please help me to save
My darkly tanned bottom
Don’t let it crisp and don’t let it fry
Mostly though
Don’t let me die (Recite three times)

Level 4 Druid Spells

Lightning Bolt: 175 syllables

The clouds grow heavy
The wind blows strong
My foes fear tells them
It won’t be long

The energy crackles
Soon to be loosed
As nature’s power hands me
A bolt to be used (Recite five times)

Level 5 Druid Spells

Barkskin: 250 syllables

I’ve walked through nature
for many a year
My Gods all know
that i’m still here

Now I need armor
And it’s quite true
That without it
I could die to you

Gods hear me now
Please heed my plea
Send me armor strong and true
Armor I know, comes from you (Recite five times)

Neutralize Poison: 175 syllables

There’s poison down there
in your cup
Good thing I am here
Else you’d be stuck
I guess I’ll dissolve it
Leave your drink strong and true
So you just remember
Who you owe it to (Recite five times)

Level 6 Druid Spells

Warp Wood: 300 syllables

So there you stand bravely
With shield proud and true
Circles, tourneys and towers
All painted in a different hue

I watch as you march
Your formation tight and trained

But then I call to nature
From whom you stole such things
And while I might be angry
She is far from pleased

Her anger flows through me
Right on into your shield
And I laugh quite happily
As it falls to the field (Recite four times)

Level 7 Druid Spells

Cure Serious Wounds: 350 syllables

You lie there bleeding
And what I can see
Is blood gushing quickly
From you to me

So I splint your leg fast
Push that bone right back in
Make you stop your screams
So I can truly begin

I bind your limb tightly
Underneath is tincture of tree
Then watch as you thrash
As I stitch up one knee (Recite five times)

Cure Disease: 150 syllables

Now you lay before me
Pleading for my aid
You have leprosy
But you want to keep your leg

I speak to Nurgle quickly
Tell him to release his hold
Else you’ll get quite sickly
Never to grow old (Recite four times)

Commune with Nature: 300 syllables

Here I stand among the trees
Waiting for a phantom breeze
The leaves all whisper
The streams try to sing
And in the distance
I hear a bell ring

I open myself
To the words of the wild
And realize with shock
Its been quite a while

The murderers whisper
The children all sing
Nature welcomes me softly
Shows me everything (Recite five times)

Level 8 Druid Spells

Dispel Magic: 175 syllables

You think you’ll fry me
Think that I’ll die
But you don’t see what’s happening
Or why I won’t cry
My gods have bestowed me
A gift that’s quite great
One that allows me
To truly negate (Recite five times)

Entangle: 300 syllables

You charged right at me
So I did what I could
Chanted quite quickly
And left you stuck in the mud

But that’s not quite it
Not the mud that has trapped you
But those weeds that cropped up
When I cried out entangle

Now you can beg
Please feel free to plead
I just hope you don’t think
That I’m gonna concede (Recite five times)

Level 9 Druid Spells

Nature’s Guardian: 500 syllables

So there I see you standing tall
Against a tree like its a wall
And so a wicked thought occurs
One that is certainly used on curs
Thus quickly I begin to chant
Something funny, not quite a rant
I see the magic hit your eyes
It’s quite clear from your suprise

While you might not think so
I find it rather funny
You care for that tree like its a lover
More than your mother, father, sister, or brother
You slaughter any and all who dare to come near
Even your poor sweetheart dear (Recite five times)

Level 10 Druid Spells

Creeping Doom: 500 syllables

You thought you were cute
Thought you’d become quite clever
But you didn’t recall
That I am much better

I’ve long been attuned
To the song of the land
And the creatures that walk it
Come to my hand

Some of them bite and some of them pinch
But all of them hate and will make you flinch
Spiders and beetles and bugs that all crawl
With tentacles and teeth that are all quite small
They’ll overtake you, and drag you right home
Unless you escape to a place where you roam (Recite five times)

Pouch: 500 syllables

So here I have this stone I found
Inside a hole deep in the ground
It has a secret that I keep
Behind these lips, inside these feet
A secret found in winters haze
Through summers glare and drunken days

My stone appears to take and keep
The spells I cast, each day, each week
It holds them there
With its gray gaze

Holds them till I call them out
To cause their mayhem and run about
When on the run, when I’m in trouble
I pull them out, on the double
Spells of chaos, spells of fear
Spells to make you call for mummy dear
They make you fall, they make you die
Which makes your partner want to cry
Spells of nature, spells of pain
Spells to make you go insane
Spells to make your shield fall down
Spells that trap you to the ground

I cast them, speak them, throw them at you
So I don’t die, but you do
And that’s the secret my stone keeps
Its bit of magic, its hidden feat
So I won’t tell
Neither will you
About this nature magic I somehow withdrew (Recite three times)

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