Cavalier Spellbook

Cavalier is a restricted class. Any character that has obtained Order of The Sword (OSW) may create a Cavalier by sacrificing a class of at
least 10th rank.

These characters are zealous martial champions of a particular god or ideal.

Cavaliers may use any weapon, any armor, and any type of shield, and they must wear a holy symbol as part of their costumes.

Level 1 Cavalier Spells

Light: 30 syllables

It’s dark outside
Too dark to see
I hope a Grue
Does not eat me (Repeat once.)

Cure Disease: 150 syllables

Now you lay before me
Pleading for my aid
You have leprosy
But you want to keep your leg

I speak to Nurgle quickly
Tell him to release his hold
Else you’ll get quite sickly
Never to grow old (Repeat four times)

Cure Light Wounds: 300 syllables

Your arm is bleeding
and covered in gore
Truth of the matter
is that I can’t see much more

First clean with cool water
Straight from that clear stream
Now a strip of bark from that tree
Quickly hand it over to me
We wrap it tight
Around that limb
And pray infection does not cling

So now you’re done
Go ahead you’re free
Please don’t come back for services from me (Repeat four times)

Level 2 Cavalier Spells

Speak with Dead: 250 syllables

Your friends have passed beyond the veil
But you can speak to them with a spell
It lets you ask the questions three
Yay or nay they will answer to thee
You can ask them what you seek to know
But what they will say only they may know (Repeat four times)

Purify Food & Drink: 1 minute of meditation

No spell is required but the Cavalier must meditate for 60 seconds.

Level 3 Cavalier Spells

Truthspeak: 75 syllables

Lies aren’t easy to keep from me
Look me in the eyes and you shall see
I can hear your heart beating and see your pulse
So unless you are truthful you’ll soon be a corpse (Repeat twice)

Sanctuary: 200 syllables

Here I stand and here I’ll stay
This I say as I stand and pray
My gods protect me as I refuse to waver
As strong and true as a frozen glacier
You won’t stop me and you won’t pass
Until I decide that I want to crash (Repeat four times)

Level 4 Cavalier Spells

No spells at this level

Level 5 Cavalier Spells

No spells at this level

Level 6 Cavalier Spells

No spells at this level

Level 7 Cavalier Spells

No spells at this level

Level 8 Cavalier Spells

Turn Undead: 300 syllables

An undead horde shambles close
And I did not flee unlike most
Instead I stand my ground and sneer
My God’s power is already here
I send it out to decaying faces
And watch as they fall bereft of all graces
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
their bodies fall quiet Bones reduced to rust (Repeat five times)

Last Rites: 250 syllables

My dear friend you’ve died this day
And while I grieve your soul cannot stay
I’ll do a good deed
help you pass on from life
As your body bleeds out
From a wound caused by a knife

Cross the river styx my dear
Do not look back let your feet steer
The ferryman will take you now
Far and wide with coins on your eyes
There’s no need to survive (Repeat four times)

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