Necromancer Spellbook

Necromancers are characters that are devoted to the balance between life and death. Weapons permitted to be used by a Necromancer are: all White weapons, daggers, spears, javelins, all non-chained Yellow weapons. The Necromancer may wear AR1 or AR2 armor, and may only equip shields or bucklers up to 18″ at its largest measurement. Necromancers may not wield Holy weapons.

Level 1 Necromancer Spells

Animate Dead: 500 words

I see here now a pile of bones,
Of flesh and blood and fluid unknown
A golem I need to complete my plan
So I’ll construct it right here, i’m sure you understand
Your soul has fled and left behind flesh
And that’s all I need to stay refreshed

When first you are raised you look rather pale
Which is fairly normal with all this entails
Your limbs first are stiff from the rigor mortis
But soon they’ll loosen up there’s no need to force this

A zombie is not what a person once used to be
And since you’re dead there’s no way for you to see
You’ll listen to the commands that I give
Even though your mind resembles a sieve

So I ask you to walk and you respond with a shuffle
Although when I say to fight you surely can tussle
What you lack now is true self preservation
A fact that’s quite clear when you fling yourself towards damnation

(Recite twice)

Speak with Dead: 100 syllables

Your friends have passed beyond the veil
But you can speak to them with a spell
It lets you ask the questions three
Yay or nay they will answer to thee
You can ask them what you seek to know
But what they will say only they may know (Recite twice)

Light: 15 syllables

It’s dark outside
Too dark to see
I hope a Grue
Does not eat me 

Level 2 Necromancer Spells

Magic Missile: 50 syllables

A spell to hit you a spell to fry
A spell that makes you want to die
It hits you hard and hits you fast
And when it does you will not last (Recite twice)

Turn Undead: 150 syllables

An undead horde shambles close
And I did not flee unlike most
Instead I stand my ground and sneer
My God’s power already here
I send it out to decaying faces
And watch as they fall bereft of all graces
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
their bodies fall quiet Bones reduced to rust (Recite three times)

Level 3 Necromancer Spells

Cure Disease: 75 syllables

Now you lay before me
Pleading for my aid
You have leprrosy
But you want to keep your leg

I speak to Nurgle quickly
Tell him to release his hold
Else you’ll get quite sickly
Never to grow old (Recite twice)

Neutralize Poison: 100 syllables

There’s poison down there
in your cup
Good thing I am here
Else you’d be stuck
I guess I’ll dissolve it
Leave your drink strong and true
So you just remember
Who you owe it to (Recite three times)

Level 4 Necromancer Spells

Necrotic Touch: 100 syllables

My hands are wroth
With disease and death
They rot your hands and feet and body
Make you fall all hot and heavy
When I touch you, ne’er will you laugh
As your body falls down a long diseased path (Recite twice)

Level 5 Necromancer Spells

Boneskin: 100 syllables

I require armor, strong thick and true
But armor of a different kind than what I see on you
Its made of magic hard as a rock
So that all of the hits that would kill me will stop (Recite three times)

Level 6 Necromancer Spells

Curse: 250 syllables

Morrigan keeper of destiny and death
I call out to you now for I have nothing left
I require your aid to strike down this goon
He’s cause me such trouble I want him dead soon
You need not to murder him quick
Take time as you will
And wound all his limbs so he knows of your will
Make him suffer make him scream make his life less like a dream
This I ask of you, this I beg
You might cripple him and sever use of his leg (Recite three times)

Level 7 Necromancer Spells

Speak with Dead: 125 syllables

Your friends have passed beyond the veil
But you can speak to them with a spell
It lets you ask the questions three
Yay or nay they will answer to thee
You can ask them what you seek to know
But what they will say only they may know (Recite three times)

Level 8 Necromancer Spells

Last Rites: 125 syllables

My dear friend you’ve died this day
And while I grieve your soul cannot stay
I’ll do a good deed
help you pass on from life
As your body bleeds out
From a wound caused by a knife

Cross the river styx my dear
Do not look back let your feet steer
The ferryman will take you now
Far and wide with coins on your eyes
There’s no need to survive (Recite twice)

Level 9 Necromancer Spells

Pouch: 250 syllables

So here I have this stone I found
Inside a hole deep in the ground
It has a secret that I keep
Behind these lips, inside these feet
A secret found in winters haze
Through summers glare and drunken days

My stone appears to take and keep
The spells I cast, each day, each week
It holds them there
With its gray gaze

Holds them till I call them out
To cause their mayhem and run about
When on the run, when I’m in trouble
I pull them out, on the double
Spells of chaos, spells of fear
Spells to make you call for mummy dear
They make you fall, they make you die
Which makes your partner want to cry
Spells of nature, spells of pain
Spells to make you go insane
Spells to make your shield fall down
Spells that trap you to the ground

I cast them, speak them, throw them at you
So I don’t die, but you do
And thats the secret my stone keeps
Its bit of magic, its hidden feat
So I won’t tell
Neither will you
About this nature magic I somehow withdrew (Recite twice)

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