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Mages are characters who devote their lives to the study of magic and spells. Mages are permitted to use only white swords, nonchained yellow, and daggers. Mages may not wear armor of any kind, nor use any type of shield. Mages can cast the most powerful offensive magic in the Realm. Mages must wear an arcane symbol to signify their character type.

Level 1 Mage Spells

Feign Death: 30 syllables

No I’m not dead
And soon you’ll see
When life runs away
From you to me (Recite twice)

Frost Spike: 150 syllables

I shape the weapon with fear and hatred
Into a spike that I have created
Cold and long and thin as a needle
Those who it pierces may call me evil
I hurl it downhill and watch as it strikes
A devastating weapon made completely of ice (Recite four times)

Mending: 100 syllables

I bend and I weave
No longer does your shield
Resemble a sieve
I pound and I bend
So that you may defend (Recite four times)

Detect Magic: 100 syllables

There’s a trap, a ruse, a trick
A clever ploy to make it stick
I know that it’s here
No it won’t hide from me (Recite four times)

Light: 30 syllables

It’s dark outside
Too dark to see
I hope a Grue
Does not eat me (Recite twice)

Level 2 Mage Spells

Magic Shield: 100 syllables

A spell to hit you a spell to fry
A spell that makes you want to die
It hits you hard and hits you fast
And when it does you will not last (Recite four times)

Truth Speak: 75 syllables

Lies aren’t easy to keep from me
Look me in the eyes and you shall see
I can hear your heart beating and see your pulse
So unless you are truthful you’ll soon be a corpse (Recite twice)

Magic Missile: 100 syllables

A spell to hit you a spell to fry
A spell that makes you want to die
It hits you hard and hits you fast
And when it does you will not last (Recite four times)

Comprehend Languages: 75 syllables

There in front of me is a script
With letters and words that are torn from a crypt
They’re easy to read once you know what you see
All you have to do is translate from one to three (Recite three times)

Level 3 Mage Spells

Burning Hands: 100 syllables

Press my hands one to the other
And feel the heat as it burns together
Flames lick far, and flames lick true
Because they’re ready to catch onto you (Recite four times)

Protection from Lightning: 200 syllables

The wind is blowing
I know I can’t hide
I just hope the lightning
Doesn’t fry my hide

There’s lightning heavy in the air
The wind is blowing through my hair
I can hear the storm moving on in
If I’m to survive I’ll have to win

So I call on dark gods
The lost and forgotten
Please help me to save
My darkly tanned bottom
Don’t let it crisp and don’t let it fry
Mostly though
Don’t let me die (Recite three times)

Detect Traps: 100 syllables

There’s a trap, a ruse, a trick
A clever ploy to make it stick
I know that it’s here
No it won’t hide from me (Recite four times)

Level 4 Mage Spells

Lightning Bolt: 150 syllables

The clouds grow heavy
The wind blows strong
My foes fear tells them
It won’t be long

The energy crackles
Soon to be loosed
As nature’s power hands me
A bolt to be used (Recite four times)

Hold Portal: 100 syllables

I lock the door, I lock the gate
To ensure you don’t follow me when I retreat
You won’t need a pick to get through that door
Unless it’s made of magic you’ll stay way back there (Recite three times)

Protection from Ice: 300 syllables

The air is cold and sharp and white
But against a blanket is made of might
Turn your shoulder, wrap it tight
That warmth will keep you safe at night

Fur and felt and fleece will save you
From the reach of the cold that wants to destroy you
Wrap up your faces, fingers and toes
Lest the ice take them and add to your woes (Recite five times)

Level 5 Mage Spells

Dispel Magic: 175 syllables

You think you’ll fry me
Think that I’ll die
But you don’t see what’s happening
Or why I won’t cry
My gods have bestowed me
A gift that’s quite great
One that allows me
To truly negate (Recite five times)

Ice Storm: 200 syllables

The wind blows fast, the wind blows strong
As ice comes in a vicious storm
It throws down spears and hail and rain
The ice so cold you forget your name
A storm of magic a storm of chill
A storm so dark none survive it still (Recite five times)

Release Portal: 100 syllables

You tried to lock away your riches
But weren’t thinking of me and my magical fixes
A few words spoken, some finger wiggles
And that door opens no need to solve riddles (Recite three times)

Level 6 Mage Spells

Stoneskin: 200 syllables

I require armor, strong thick and true
But armor of a different kind than what I see on you
Its made of magic hard as a rock
So that all of the hits that would kill me will stop (Recite five times)

Feeblemind: 300 syllables

Your mind is small and frail and weak
And with my word I’ve come to seek
That you may fall and fail and wither
As your mind shrivels small around will you dither
You’ll forget about math and english and reading
Instead sit around even while bleeding
Failed and feeble will you lie
As you mind slips away with nary a cry (Recite four times)

Level 7 Mage Spells

Protection from Fire: 375 syllables

Fire, fire burning bright
against the specter of the night
Against your heat I seek to hide
I ask in humility free from pride
Save me from the flames and blight
Protect me until we reach dawn’s light
A cloak of magic, A cloak to cling,
A cloak from which we hide within
It spreads out wide and holds the flames back
That I not be injured by this magic attack (Recite five times)

Growth: 400 syllables

Time to grow large, Time to get bigger
With feet large as trashcans, no time to wither
Being a giant requires a hand
So stand taller my friend in this strange land
The earth falls far away, your head now much taller
As your muscles grow stronger there’s no need to holler
Larger and stronger more ready to fight
Stretch out those limbs, twist them left and right (Recite five times)

Legend Lore: 300 syllables

Inside this stump I hear a voice
It tells of the times of choice
Of what came earlier when I didn’t yet seek
What the tree saw, what the forest thinks
An item or artifact here in my hand
Will know tell me it’s secrets, or those of the land (Recite five times)

Level 8 Mage Spells

Fireball: 325 syllables

Hate and Anger in my hand
Becoming real while I stand
An orb of fire starts to peak
Betwixt my fingers as I seek
The wrath of gods
The wrath of man

Fire to just burn away
What you look like, what you say
Burn you til you’re naught but ash
Forgotten faces won’t survive the blast (Recite five times)

Charge Item: 500 syllables

There is a spell I wish to cast
So that this charge will longer last
It lets me fight it makes you cry
And thus my enemies each can die

I charge this staff, this dagger, this weapon
So with it we may avoid a war of attrition
Imbue it with lightning, or ice or flame
Then may it attack, and wound and maim

And artifacts too I may recharge for the night
So that their abilities might give you a terrible fright
Each one of them is different, but this spell is the same
I recharge these items and have none else to blame (Recite five times)

Gaseous Form: 400 syllables

My form grows soft and thin and wispy
As I leave my solid form behind me
Free to simply float away toward the ether
No walls nor doors get in my way
Insubstantial as smoke or vapor or fog
I float far away past any guard or dog
Until I reach where I wish to go flying
I’ll stay thin as smoke to keep from dying (Recite five times)

Level 9 Mage Spells

Passwall: 500 syllables

This wall is thick and firm and strong
To slowly dig through it would take far too long
The masonry made of stone of great quality
Expensively built in a time of great joviality
But I have a plan, a scheme, an idea
A way to break through a practical panacea

This spell I cast to turn wall into gate
Open it up when I concentrate
Lets me walk through and I bring a friend with me
Past the wall that I’ve parted before, see? (Recite five times)

Animate Dead: 1000 syllables

I see here now a pile of bones,
Of flesh and blood and fluid unknown
A golem I need to complete my plan
So I’ll construct it right here, i’m sure you understand
Your soul has fled and left behind flesh
And that’s all I need to stay refreshed

When first you are raised you look rather pale
Which is fairly normal with all this entails
Your limbs first are stiff from the rigor mortis
But soon they’ll loosen up there’s no need to force this

A zombie is not what a person once used to be
And since you’re dead there’s no way for you to see
You’ll listen to the commands that I give
Even though your mind resembles a sieve

So I ask you to walk and you respond with a shuffle
Although when I say to fight you surely can tussle
What you lack now is true self preservation
A fact that’s quite clear when you fling yourself towards damnation

(Recite five times)

Create/Destroy Magic Weapon: 300 syllables

This weapon of mine I seek to make more
A weapon of magic and melee and more
Let it swing fast and let it swing true
And when fighting certain beasts may it kill them too
Beasts that defy the laws of nature
Beasts of a specific nomenclature (Recite five times)

Level 10 Mage Spells

Steelskin: 500 syllables

Armor is heavy and clunky and loud
It makes it quite hard to sneak through a crowd
If you want to survive what you need to find
Is something in between, a very special kind
All it takes is the spell
And then you’ll survive a surprising death knell

The spell turns your skin hard as steel
Bends bronze weapons and makes them kneel
Lets you take shots from swords, clubs and bows
But you won’t feel it, heavenn knows
From squishy to tink you’ll transform in an instant
So that you survive even when you think you wouldn’t (Recite five times)

Pouch: 500 syllables

So here I have this stone I found
Inside a hole deep in the ground
It has a secret that I keep
Behind these lips, inside these feet
A secret found in winters haze
Through summers glare and drunken days

My stone appears to take and keep
The spells I cast, each day, each week
It holds them there
With its gray gaze

Holds them till I call them out
To cause their mayhem and run about
WHen on the run, when im in trouble
I pull them out, on the double
Spells of chaos, spells of fear
Spells to make you call for mummy dear
They make you fall, they make you die
WHich makes your partner want to cry
Spells of nature, spells of pain
Spells to make you go insane
Spells to make your shield fall down
Spells that trap you to the ground

I cast them, speak them, throw them at you
So I don’t die, but you do
And thats the secret my stone keeps
Its bit of magic, its hidden feat
So I won’t tell
Neither will you
About this nature magic I somehow withdrew (Recite three times)

Spell of Shielding: 1000 syllables

A spell I cast, a spell I seek
To protect me from the harm that my many foes seek
I need to hide from other mages
Whose voice echoes above their spellbook pages
They send out fire, they send out ice
And both will kill me if I don’t think twice
I need protection from magic arcane
From focused attacks meant to drive me insane

So too I protect my gate and my home
From attacks that might seek to wound and to drone
Lightning strikes down from the sky
But me and mine it will not fry
Instead protection will keep us safe
From death and destruction no matter the place
Arcane words to protect this space
A simple suggestion I cry out loud
That you be away on your magical cloud
Seek not to harm and seek not to kill
Because with me you won’t find any thrill

Now with this spell I seek to keep
A word of protection a magical leap (Recite five times)

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