April 21, 2024

Bellum Aeternus is a 4 day and 4 night festival of all things Darkon. We welcome veteran Darkonians, cross-gamers, and new players to come out and join us as we prepare to experience annual rendition of this event (which is one of the largest multi-day LARP events in the Maryland/Virginia/DC area).

Below are just a sampling of somethings that attendees can experience at Bellum Aeternus:

Wednesday Night Welcome Party, Wednesday is pretty low-key. We spend the day setting up your camp and then invite you to join us for a fun kickoff to our annual event.

Thursday-Saturday is when things really kick off…

Thursday-Saturday Vendor Row: In year’s past this has been where you can find fine merchants for food, jewelry, LARP weapons, armor, bags, garb, furs, furnishings, and more.

Thursday and Friday- Immerse yourself in a roleplay adventure experience, as you embark on quests for glory.

Thursday night, join us in the tavern for a bardic competition

Friday or Saturday depending, in addition to the ongoing adventure take part in the Annual Firebrand Tournament- a test of arms where you can test your skill and compete against skilled combatants.

Saturday- submit entries into a medieval fantasy arts and sciences competition. Submit your crafts for judgement against fellow artisans of the realm and compete for prizes and glory.

Saturday Battle Game Scenarios- We always have some fun stuff planned. Count on us running some classic favorites like “kick the can” and “Halcon’s Warrior Bridge”, as well as new scenarios.

Saturday late afternoon, we host a royal court and distribute awards to champions of the weekend and the realm at large. We also perform our annual knighting ceremony to recognize any new Knights of the realm.

Saturday night we celebrate and wrap up our weekend of wonder with the gladiatorial combat spectacle known as pit fights.

Sunday we all pack up and plan to be off site by noon.

All this will happen at a site with solid amenities- community firepit, showers, food vendors, and ample parking.

Bellum Aeternus is brought to you by a dedicated and helpful staff made up of volunteers from the realm of Darkon. We hope to see you there!

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