Toss a coin to your Darkon Crownlands

Darkon Crownlands could use a donation if you can spare it and are financially secure during these times. Any amount is welcome and there is no pressure or incentive for doing so, but it would really help the club since we are not taking in revenue at the moment. More detailed explanations are detailed further below on this page.

Donate by clicking HERE and you will be redirected to our Paypal donation site.

More detailed explanation and why we are asking:

At the moment our club is not taking in any revenue due to not hosting in-person events, but we still have overhead costs and bills that will come due in the future. Our situation is not dire, your board has taken prudent and thrifty actions during this time (the belts are tight and will be like that for awhile once we return), but rest assured Darkon Crownlands will be okay in any case.

We have taken actions to save the club money, including that all the online contests and online events we have hosted free of cost throughout this time of the pandemic have all been donated and have not incurred any costs to the club (but if you like what we have been doing, and can spare it, a donation to the club would be greatly appreciated).

We still have overhead costs (like the Darkon Storage unit for example) and are well aware that when we reopen we will have some major expenses to deal with once we reopen (like reupping our insurance).

Any donation helps and no incentives will be offered for donating (I.E. no extra credits or anything of that nature, just our thanks and appreciation).

One of the reasons we are not offering any incentives is out of fairness. We understand that these are financially difficult times for many due to the pandemic, and we encourage you not to donate if you are in a tight situation. If you are however in a safe financial place, any donation helps and is appreciated. As a non-profit know that 100% of this money will go directly to helping the club, all of our staff are unpaid volunteers so know that this truly is all going straight to Darkon Crownlands operations.

We look forward to seeing you all again on the field as soon as it is safe to do so, and in the mean time invite you to participate in the free monthly online events and contests we will be continuing to offer. To get involved with our online events that are currently being run please connect with us on our facebook at

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