Archduke Inox Elsonáge Thensiur

This once King of the realm is now a Cavalier of Babylon and a Swordslinger fighting under the banner of No Quarter! They fight for the joy of death.

Archduke Inox is known for their skill as a leatherworker and the dishing out of “chop time” i.e. slaying fellow nerds in battle. Archduke Inox is a holder of the prestigious Order of the Eagle, a hard to obtain award granted only to those that have demonstrated mastery that allowed them to receive all other orders in realm.

Outside of their role playing character, the Archduke has helped to guide the club through many administrative matters with their expertise, and helped to create the first database system used for tracking Darkon credits and records. They have also helped our club in the acquisition of new event sites. A lengthy service record, they have served on the Board for 8 terms.