Former King of Chendrolyn and a high level cleric, Baron Orlffson prays to the Aesir and Vanir. However, the gods who have blessed him with most of his powers are Odin, Tyr, Thor, and Sif. His noble symbol is a collection of symbols of his gods. Years of fighting have left his body broken, and he can no longer fight for the sake of beautiful carnage and lust… but given the proper motivation he will dust off his armor, and seek out his advisories, praying for a glorious death to carry him to the halls Valhalla.

Baron Orlffson, is an accomplished craftsman. He has been awarded the Order of the Raven: 2nd class for their prop design, leather working, and weapon crafting skill. He also leads the armies of Chendrolyn in times of war. He is brash and boisterous, but fair. He doesn’t often trust outsiders, and winning his favor is hard. But his word is his bond, and his friends and allies come before all, second only to his gods and country.

Outside of their role playing character, Baron Olrffson has elevated the community through their creation of props and scenery for high-end campout adventures and special events. They care about making and maintaining a community that is safe for others, and they serve on the safety council of Darkon in pursuit of that purpose.