June 21, 2024

They who fights with monsters might take care lest they thereby become a monster…”

The lands of Darkon are rich with wealth and natural resources, but such materials are coveted by many creatures. Here you will learn about just some of the interesting creatures to be encountered in our lands.

Banshee: A spirit who normally comes heralding the death of a loved one. Banshee are known to appear singing sweetly to lure individuals closer or wailing and shrieking to bring about the foretold death. It would be wise to take a Bard skilled in the art of Scald’s ward with you during such a chance encounter.

Beholder: A large aberration normally found underground, beholders are normally very distinguishable for their large central eye and the many eyestalks that they use to cast powerful magic. Coupled with its eyes are a massive mouth. Despite the lack of wings, it is capable of flight. There are different classes of Beholders, among them Beholder lords are rare, but capable of creating massive illusions that can fool even the sharpest of minds. Darkon famously defeated such a Beholder Lord known as “The Master” to free the land of West Marovia from his mental domination.

The Book Dragon of the Great Library of Darkon. Art by Midjourney AI.

Green Dragons: Green dragons possess a notable fin that runs from its nose the entire length of its body. With its long, forked tongue, Green Dragons are known to love intrigue and secrets. A large Green Dragon currently watches over the Library of Darkon.. in exchange for being provided tasty meals by a skilled group of hunters of course!

Hill Giants: Hill Giants are notoriously of low intelligence, but appear stronger (due to their stature, 16′ tall) and more selfish (because they are greedy). They are almost always hungry and willing to eat nearly anything. Although less intelligent, they are fiercely loyal to their tribe. (In Darkon to account for the size of a giant sized creature like this, unless you are enchanted otherwise, if you are within 10 feet of this creature you must be on your knees while engaging with it).

Lizardman: The typical Lizardman knows how to defend themselves. Unfortunately, in their chosen environments, they must remain strong and capable even at a young age. This leads to capable and reliable fighters. Take care when fighting such creatures around water, they are known to be able to swim with little effort even when wearing heavy armor!

Mind Flayer: Otherwise known as illithids, mind flayers are sadistic beings known for their great psionic abilities. Their octopus-like head, with four tentacles surrounding their mouth, lack of an index finger, and general blue-purplish hue of their skin is all that sets them apart from a general humanoid in appearance. They are warm-blooded amphibians with a great sensitivity to bright lights. Rumor says that their considerable psionic abilities came from their diet of brains of other sentient creatures. Monks with their ability to resist mind control are a great natural adversary to such foes.

“The Destruction of Muertov” Graphite on Parchment by Bethany Orea Jackson

Necromancer: Arcane spell casters who have specialized in the powers of death, unlife and the life force. Sacrificing the versatility of normal arcane casters, they possess potent spells to protect their life, reanimate the dead, and even learn through death. It is rumored that some even have found a way to channel the energy of death into powering their spell casting. One infamous Necromancer named Muertov unlocked the key to undeath and rose to become a Lich Lord. The Evil Muertov was once able to disrupt a crown war by narrowly assassinating a prince, and (by this act) nearly plunged the realm into chaos through their trickery. Fortunately the champions of Darkon saw through this ruse and (with the aid of a Lord of the Fae Realm of Autumn known as the Pumpkin King) used an artifact to finally obliterate Muertov once and for all.

Orc Bosses: Unchecked, Orcs can be chaotic and ineffective. Orc Bosses provide this structure, and the fear, necessary to lead the Greenskins to devastating success. Notably, Orc Bosses often come into their positions of leadership through being the strongest and best armored of their lot. If you encounter an Orc warband take caution, but consider also that negotiation may be a possible option to pursue as opposed to bloodshed.

Skeleton Warrior: Similar to Zombies, Skeletons are undead animated corpses. Devoid of flesh, with no appetite for flesh, these boney monstrosities can be made from any living creature. Held together by necromantic energy, they have no desires of their own, they are obedient servants. Take caution that stabbing and piercing weapons (unless they are blessed in a way that makes them strike holy or true) will not cause any injury to these flesh-less creatures.

Vampire: A fearsome undead creature that can be created when its life force is drained by
another Vampire. They feed on the blood of the living as the living feeds off of food. Vampires are sentient, strong, fast, and durable. Some claim that true vampires cannot even be killed. Others whisper that they are creatures that can only be undone by a god’s own hand. It is rumored there are some vampires in Darkon who capture the souls of those they set their sights on using a small lensed box that hangs from their neck.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: A carnivorous giant lizard type creature, known to be hostile predators who would hunt any being that it considered edible. Being a fast runner, despite its size, makes their menu quite extensive. Maybe their vision is based on movement? I heard that somewhere.

Darkon is a land with many more creatures waiting to be discovered. Check out the Land Rules for additional technical details about these and other monsters known to our lands!