Suelk Varnak the UnNamed by Sergio Saenz

My world lay within the Empyrean and as such we were blessed with our Lord’s angelic disciples. Our Lord was the Dark Prince, Lord of the Velvet Throne. We were blessed with all that we could desire. Peace lasting thousands of years, the most majestic of temples, the most beautiful of palaces. We truly lived in a paradise under my mother’s rule. Rl’sti Shara was the benevolent Empress over our entire world. Under our family’s dynasty no one was denied what they wished. I was but the second son, Suelk Varnak, and destined for the priesthood. My elder brother, Phak-krlh Cadex, was the favored son, groomed for the illustrious position of Warmaster. To him all soldiers would bow, he would be granted the ancestral blade Y’Drasooth as a symbol of his authority. Although a mostly honorary position, he would be the most powerful man known to our people.

Our time of prosperity was not to last however. A mad god of blood and mindless slaughter envied the majesty that was our Lord. This blighted entity gazed on our jewel of a world and saw only carrion. Pulling his own world into our orbit he fashioned a massive land bridge. This was the day that the Great War began. The mad gods unwashed barbarians rampaged across the connection and waged war on our civilization, razing ancient works of art and architecture without knowledge or care to what was lost. My brother lead our armies against this base force of destruction, however having tasted peace for so long our blades had lost their keen edge, our warriors their renowned skill. As wave after wave of the enemy poured across the bridge, they pushed further and further into our world until they sieged the very gates of the Obsidian Pearled city of the Empress.


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