Yak I am by …. Yak

The wise never tell you how freedom can make you weak. The chieftains never tell you that because you can’t see or touch a price – doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

So his people broke off from those who would tax them and tell them what they couldn’t do. They left from the safety of protected hills and brothers-in-arms.

For freedom.

They carried with them the old ways. They made fine ships and turned honey into wine. They hunted the woods and fished the sea. They even bent the land to their will with crop and herd.

For all northmen, there is the need for strength. A man who cannot fight should set himself out on a raft as to not be a burden. To die gloriously is the only way. Only the cursed die old and in their beds, with soft feet and clean hands.

As soon as they had built this new place they remembered the hungers of their brothers. So the strongest warriors set out onto their ships for adventure and plunder.

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