HEAR YE, HEAR YE!! I present to you your new King – Alfred Goldenhue

HEAR YE, HEAR YE – members of Darkon Crownlands. After 25+ years in the Realm, serving faithfully as a loyal member of Elidor, may I present to you your new King – Alfred Goldenhue.

As his first orders of business, His Royal Majesty has made the following changes to his Court listed below.

Archduke Malkin Rex Campbell, Hand of the King
• Archduke Andrick VanDahl, Hand of the King

• Archduke Inox Elsonage Thensiur, Royal Minister of Foreign Affairs
• Duke Wraith, Royal Huntsman of Darkon
• Baron Corwin MacTaggard
• Earl Gwydion of Gladesedge

• Earl Wulfvin Sturmbjorne, Capt of the Royal Guard
• Saint Faleris, High Justicar
• Sir Bard of Davenport – Castilian of Tarimstadt
• Sir Lucius Alexander Crum aka Archmage Fingers, Chamberlain of Tarimstadt (sometimes Chamber-maid)
• Dienekes of Laconia, High Priest of Tharros, Kingsguard
• Knees of House LeDouche, Royal Executioner
• Contessa Fyxe Firebrand, co-Queen of Dagorhir, Kingsguard
• Master Malachai, Kingsguard
• Fyre, Royal Historian
• Ether, Royal Cupbearer

Crown War 2018 saw a gathering from many far across the lands. As words of support were shared, Knees of House LeDouche declared support for Alfred, but didn’t support a handoff and wanted a battle instead. His words convinced others to take up arms against the crown handoff, and chaos ensued. Obliterated by a fireball from Dienekes, Knees fell to the ground, surrounded by the battle he wanted, which scattered many but ultimately ended in victory for Alfred of Elidor.

Hail King Alfred. Hail Elidor. Hail Darkon.

The King would also like to note that whomever wants the Crown in the future will have to pry it from his cold, dead hands, as he will NOT be giving it up and a battle WILL ensue.

~ Fyre, Royal Historian
King Alfred’s Court
(former Royal Historian for Malkin Rex)


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