Bardic Songs heard around the campfires and taverns

Bardics are a staple of Darkonian culture. At every campout and often every tavern featured at an event, you can find a chance to hear some special melodies. Featured here are links to where you can find lyrics and chords to some of those tunes that stand out and are known favorites in the realm.

Red is the Rose

Leave her Johnny

The Wild Mountain Thyme (also known as “Blooming Heather”)

Star of the county down

Wild Rover

River Driver

Queen of Argyle

If I was a Blackbird

Whiskey in the jar

All for me Grog

Roll the Old Chariot Along (it’s customary to change up the lyrics to suit the moment, while maintaining the chorus)

Loch Lomond (same melody as Red is the Rose)

Bear and the Maiden Fair

The Parting Glass (an end of the night favorite)