Library of Lore

In this archive you will be able to learn about many things of Darkon Crownlandian Culture and History.

This Library is an ongoing work in progress, if someone would invent a printing press already it would make things go much faster! Please check back from time to time for more updates.

Select a title below (work in progress) to be directed to the available lore on that subject.

A History of Nobles of the Realm

Map of the Darkon Crownlands Realm

A History of the Countries of Darkon

A History of the Relics of Darkon Crownlands

A History of the Rulers of Darkon Crownlands

A Beastiary of the Creatures of Darkon.

A Collection of the Currencies of Darkon Crownlands

The Archive of Award Holders in Darkon Crownlands

If you are a leader of a country or guild and would like to submit items pertaining to the history/status of your unit in Darkon Crownlands, please use the link below.

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