Contacting the Board of Directors

On this page you will find information pertaining to the members of the club that currently serve as the Darkon Crownlands Board of Directors. Should you wish to contact them, or approach them at an event, we have included in their description: their name, position on the BOD, official club email, and a recent photograph.

If you are seeking to contact the Board to report a concern of safety, discrimination, or harassment know that we take these seriously. We invite you to contact us with any concerns via email or, by completing this form linked here.

Susan AKA Ulftadhg Nordskov in game.

Susan Vansant

Corporate Governance, Liaison to Outside Officials

Geoffrey AKA Sir Cairo in game. Photo by Jenn Schmidt.
Vice President
Geoffery Davis

Noble Council Issues, Liason to Other Games

Linda AKA Lady Bella Donna Everhate in game.
Linda Sim

Character Credits, Credit Tracker, Advertising

Greg AKA Earl Lynx in game.
Gregory Sim

Dues, Monetary, and Reimbursement Inquiries

Ralph AKA Sir Lolie McGruff in game. Photo by Jackie Coleman.
Ralph P

Senate Inquiries and Game Governance

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